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The “golden” coordinates on the map of Hanoi

Located beside Thang Long Avenue – the artery road of the west of Hanoi, Imperia Smart City possesses the golden coor- dinates for a modern and dynamic life. It only takes a 10 minute drive for residents of Imperia Smart City to access the city’s intersection of administration, culture and education. This is also where most foreigners choose to live and work in Vietnam, transforming the area into a busy center that is worth living in the west of the city.
Education system
System of large urban areas
Shopping mall
Sports Center
Administrative agencies
Healthcare system
Metro Line

Worth livingapartments

Benefiting from a standard ecosystem with modern utilities using 4.0 technol- ogy in a world-class mega smart city, as well as green and peaceful living space, Imperia Smart City is a pioneer place where modern residents can live a quali- ty, elegant and fulfilling life.
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